Q&A: Car audio stuff!?

Question by NeedAudioCarHelp: Car audio stuff!?
A very useful lad answered my previous question..but I don’t understand…


That was his answer.. my NEXT QUESTION is:



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Answer by Gurman S. Sandhu
Okay bro that guy is confusing but let me lay this out for you

im guessing you’re hooking up your car’s amp to a sub and your head unit?

Okay well you connect your headunit (deck) using RCA cables which go into your PREOUTS (the red and white plug holes int he back of your headunit). Then the other end of the RCA cables goes to your AMP and then your amp hooks up to your subwoofer with Speaker wire.

If you are hooking up the amp to your speakers.. same thing except instead of hooking up your speaker wires to the sub you hook them up to your Speakers (not recommended unless you have Aftermarket speakers that can handle your amp)

Hope i helped.

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Can you name that car in the,,,,?

Question by Mixed Nerd: Can you name that car in the,,,,?
Pussycat dolls video “I hate this part”

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Answer by aryanb78
1969 Pontiac GTO Convertible

The car used in the video has its front grille outer frame “chromed”, which is not original.

You can see convertibles at the end of this page: http://www.musclepricecars.com/1969_gto.htm

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Just a wondering. I have a child with someone who went to college in my town. he graduated and went back home?

Question by Laydee: Just a wondering. I have a child with someone who went to college in my town. he graduated and went back home?
Now he lives in California and i live in Wyoming. he ignored me the entire pregnancy and wasnt even present for the birth despite me offering a place to stay for as long as he needed. My child is 8 months old now and the one times hes seen him was when he was 5 months old and i had to pay for any means to get him here i had to pay to get him home. he has never paid for so much as a single diaper either. my mother has been the one helping me the entire time. i am disabled and my son has been under her care all of his life as well (we live with her so he sees her everyday and has become as attached to her as he is to me, she was the one who cut his umbilical cord, shes the ones who has played “the father part”) and he wants to take him away from his security to never be seen again. not only this but i have a daughter involved from a previous relationship (father is deceased) she is 4 and i have made it very clear i do not want my children seperated.

furthermore, I am trying to go to school and become a nurse practitioner and plan on staying in wyoming while i do that. i have offered plenty of times for his father to continue visiting and have explained several situations in which i cannot leave the state, including one of me being subpoena’d to court in the near future for an abuse case involving one of my family members. however last night he held no bar in telling me if i did not let him take his son to california for a month he would take me to court for custody. i have explained that i do not want to be more than a few hours drive from my son, especially since i dont have a car of my own and hes so young. if something were to happen i would have a day and half drive with no way to do it. but he has threatened to take my child away if i don”t comply with everything he wants. i have been dealing with depression and i am also trying to get that under control. i also, very well known to him, have been making plans to move to california when i get a chance to transfer my school and this court situation is resolved. however, he says my feelings have nothing to do with my son and that i’m being selfish about this. i want us to get along, but need to know if i’m in the wrong here and if there is any course of action for what hes threatening. i even have proof of these threats as he texted them to me and i locked them to my phone. does anyone have advice?
i know this is more legal than anything but i couldnt seem to find a proper category

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Answer by bandnerd
first of all if he wants custody he is being stupid…..he wasnt there at all. if you have a good lawyer i’m sure that if they see the position you are in and how much you have done for this child they jury will be sympathetic….i would talk to a lawyer if he is serious about this whole thing

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Can any one help me find a part for my car? It’s been extremely hard and it’s an American car!?

Question by Lum: Can any one help me find a part for my car? It’s been extremely hard and it’s an American car!?
I need a part “Engine mount front top right” for a 1998 Chrysler Sebring LXi 2.5 liter V-6 engine…or what is teh correct name for this part please click on the link to see the pic of the part I need..any help is greatly appreciated I really need to order this part ASAP…


Can I get this part from any one other than a dealer?

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Answer by Jamie G
Try car-part.com

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How is this right?

Question by Perry J: How is this right?
Last year I litilary rolled in to another car, not even going 5 mph, the lady insisted on calling the police, & they came out there, no ticket was issued & I have a copy of the report & it clearly says under the damages part “No Damage on either vehicle” I drive a Scion TC, & she was driving a Chevy Silverado. I noticed on my insurance report that a 2,200 dollar claim was issued to her. I rolled in to her rear bumper (metal) & it didn’t make one mark on PLASTIC bumper. I didn’t even get a ticket….How is this right???!!!!
ahh…this is making my blood pressure go up the more I think about it!! Carma is all I can say!

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Answer by john p
god bless america !!!! I bet the old hag told her insurance company that she was hurt adn two weeks later bammmm a check .may she burn in hell

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Why is life worth living?

Question by JustAgirl: Why is life worth living?
Life is so repetitive and feels so pointless, why is it worth living? I am 17 i just graduated high school and i work as a cna. I am enrolled in college for nursing which is good i guess, its what i wanted. I get overtime even while i was in high school, i’m lucky to have the job that i complain about. i have a car thats not great but it runs and could look worse. my life seems pretty good, i’ve got a couple of really close, amazing friends. my family has issues (but who’s doesnt?) we’re all mainly healthy and love each other. So why the crap am i so **** depressed. I get up go to work, come home sleep and do the same thing the next day. I might get to have a little fun in the few days i have off, but i just dont see the point in the cycle. I am a christian, and i try to have faith that there’s a point but lately i just feel like a zombie “playing the part” doing what i need to, being responsible. because thats life and thats what everyone has to do. i wish i could sleep for 12 hrs and listen to music the other 12, they are the only 2 things that help me. i’m just lost and wondering if anyone else ever feels this way.
like i said, i am a christian, i believe in God and Jesus and i have been saved and baptized. BUT God knows everything, so he already knows whether I am going to make it to heaven or not, so again, what is the point?

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Answer by Yew Mirin
1 Corinthians 15:19
If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.
Luke 19:10
For the Son of man (another name for Jesus) is come to seek and to save that which was lost.

I believe God has answered your aching heart tonight listen; him that ears and eyes let him hear and see the glorious light of the Gospel of Christ how long will you stay in bondage of the darkness of satan and sin be free in Jesus Christ what’s stopping you you could die tonight give your life to Jesus so that you don’t have to go to hell and perish!
God has a plan for your life in Jesus Christ! Life is meaningless without him!

You can’t work your way into Heaven the demons believe that God exists but they don’t trust him and hate him. Obey Jesus he’s your salvation the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the Father but by him. If he’s your Savior and you’ve made him your Savior and stay faithful unto the end its not what u have done but what Jesus has did for you you will make it to Heaven.

Hear the Gospel how Jesus God manifested in the flesh died a horrible gruesome death for our sins and lived a perfect life and 3 days suffered in hell for our sakes but God raised him up from the dead and hell on the 3rd day.

And by his blood will wash away our sins.


Repent turn from your sins that put Jesus on the cross in the 1st place

Confess the LORD Jesus with your mouth and that he is the Son of God and you believe that God has raised him from the dead

Be Baptized in a watery grave for the remission of sins in the name of Jesus Christ and you shall be given the gift of the Holy Spirit this is what God’s plan of salvation is continue strong in the faith and stay faithful until death and be ready for Jesus now you’re saved my friend!! Have a home in Heaven waiting for you! God Bless you!

Get in a good God fearing church of Christ and keep the faith no matter what there’s still hope be of good cheer!

All glory be to Jesus and the Father God Almighty!

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a rob thomas/matchbox 20 song?

Question by : a rob thomas/matchbox 20 song?
hey guys x] okay, soooo, like 6 years ago me and my dad listened to this song by matchbox 20 and it was really good. i just cant remember the name of the song though! its a really oold song. i have the cd but the cd player thing in my car is broken and there is NO way to get it out. (the cd is in the cd player thing). and i lost the case. it was a kind of slow song. i remember this one part:
“slow dancing on the boulevard”

something like that:)
please help, much appreciated. THANKS:)

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Answer by redkitty
“The Difference”


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GTA IV Question?

Question by WutNow: GTA IV Question?
well,i started GTA IV and im just in the part “Jamaican Heat” but i really dont get the point of the game,sure it’s really fun,but i just dont get the story,do i have to go more further in the game,and how do you even pull out a gun in the game? it shows me having a gun when i am in the car but not in public when im walking,to i have to progress further in to the game to pull out a weapon? any answer that is resonable and makes sense gets 5-star best,oh and do miost of you guys use at least ONE cheat code?

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Answer by Slipknot
Just press left or right on the d-pad when walking to scroll through weopons.

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Can you check my grammar?

Question by Jink. Joo: Can you check my grammar?
This is my letter to the editor
* In some part, “America” refers to a person’s name*

>>I finished reading your book ‘tortilla curtain’ couple weeks a go and it was the most impressive book I’ve ever read. It has plenty of deep meanings in it. It was also really pathetic that the characters in your book couldn’t achieve their goals at the end in this book. If it’s true that this ending of the story conveys your views on American dream, I somewhat agree with you. In some way I think that the American dream could become reality for the people who are lucky and try so hard to gain the power. But generally, like your view, I also think that it is so hard to achieve that it could nearly be thought as a myth.

In your book, even though Candido tried much harder than any others to gain power, couldn’t even go near to his goal because the luck didn’t follow. At the beginning of the book, he was hit by Delaney’s car when he tried to cross the street. He was seriously injured that he couldn’t work- and even walk- so America had to earn money for him and her self. This made Candido so powerless.
Moreover, when Candido got a Thanks Giving turkey for America and tried to light the fire up to cook, the fire broke out.
Krya was another unlucky person in this book. Her American dream was to have a really nice house that she could hardly get with her money but the house was burned down with her dream by the fire that Candido caused.

Reading your book, I kept thinking that American dream is all about luck, money, and power. And since all these three is always needed and must work together to help each other, it is difficult to achieve the dream or even to approach to it.

Best answer:

Answer by Last Action Gyro
Capitalize the title of the book and underline or italicize it.

If you are going to mention “deep meaning” then talk about it in detail instead of giving a meaningless tip of the hat.

I don’t think it is ok to call the author’s characters “pathetic” if you are trying to praise her writing. that is an insult

In the second paragraph you are missing a pronoun, it should be “…gain power, he couldn’t even”

Along with that, do not use contractions in professional or published writing.

You use too many commas. It is unnecessary in “At the beginning of the book, he was hit by…” Take it out.

Thanksgiving, not Thanks Giving

I’m going to stop there because there are just too many grammatical errors.

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Rape scene…. how did it turn out?

Question by nice basket :) : Rape scene…. how did it turn out?
okay i just wrote the first rape scene in my book and i’m not exactly sure if you can figure out she was raped. what do you think?

Alex was parked at the very end of the parking lot, away from curious eyes and over sensitive ears. I heard the crunch of gravel as we walked in sync, I focused on the sound and tried not to think about what I was about to do. I heard the crunching stop and I knew we were there. I closed my eyes, please don’t do this Ashley, please don’t do this. I found myself saying that entirely too much. “Ashley?” he asked interrupting my thoughts. “Oh, sorry.” I said getting into the car. I was barely inside before he was all over me. I blocked it out, like I had all the other days. I didn’t move unless he moved me, I became a puppet in his awful game. He pushed me to the back seat and pulled himself on top of me. His hands slid around my waist and pulled me up against him. No Ashley. His lips touched my ear. No Ashley. “I know you love this part.” He said. His words were soft but they still managed to hurt me. His hands slid down to the zipper on my pants. No Ashley. I watched him even though I knew what was to come. No Ashley. He looked at me, smiled, and then did the one thing that hurt me so long ago.


Best answer:

Answer by peaceroundtheworld
i thought it was great i felt like i was acctually in the story! i liked the part wen u said that u bacame his puppet in an awwful game

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